Class DocumentCommand

  • public class DocumentCommand
    extends Object
    Represents a text modification as a document replace command. The text modification is given as a VerifyEvent and translated into a document replace command relative to a given offset. A document command can also be used to initialize a given VerifyEvent.

    A document command can also represent a list of related changes.

    • Field Detail

      • doit

        public boolean doit
        Must the command be updated
      • offset

        public int offset
        The offset of the command.
      • length

        public int length
        The length of the command
      • text

        public String text
        The text to be inserted
      • owner

        public IDocumentListener owner
        The owner of the document command which will not be notified.
      • caretOffset

        public int caretOffset
        The caret offset with respect to the document before the document command is executed.
      • shiftsCaret

        public boolean shiftsCaret
        Indicates whether the caret should be shifted by this command.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DocumentCommand

        protected DocumentCommand()
        Creates a new document command.
    • Method Detail

      • addCommand

        public void addCommand​(int commandOffset,
                               int commandLength,
                               String commandText,
                               IDocumentListener commandOwner)
                        throws BadLocationException
        Adds an additional replace command. The added replace command must not overlap with existing ones. If the document command owner is not null, it will not get document change notifications for the particular command.
        commandOffset - the offset of the region to replace
        commandLength - the length of the region to replace
        commandText - the text to replace with, may be null
        commandOwner - the command owner, may be null
        BadLocationException - if the added command intersects with an existing one
      • getCommandIterator

        public Iterator<org.eclipse.jface.text.DocumentCommand.Command> getCommandIterator()
        Returns an iterator over the commands in ascending position order. The iterator includes the original document command. Commands cannot be removed.
        returns the command iterator
      • getCommandCount

        public int getCommandCount()
        Returns the number of commands including the original document command.
        returns the number of commands