Interface DefaultInformationControl.IInformationPresenterExtension

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    public static interface DefaultInformationControl.IInformationPresenterExtension
    An information presenter determines the style presentation of information displayed in the default information control. The interface can be implemented by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • updatePresentation

        String updatePresentation​(Drawable drawable,
                                  String hoverInfo,
                                  TextPresentation presentation,
                                  int maxWidth,
                                  int maxHeight)
        Updates the given presentation of the given information and thereby may manipulate the information to be displayed. The manipulation could be the extraction of textual encoded style information etc. Returns the manipulated information.

        Replaces DefaultInformationControl.IInformationPresenter.updatePresentation(Display, String, TextPresentation, int, int) Implementations should use the font of the given drawable to calculate the size of the text to be presented.

        drawable - the drawable of the information control
        hoverInfo - the information to be presented
        presentation - the presentation to be updated
        maxWidth - the maximal width in pixels
        maxHeight - the maximal height in pixels
        the manipulated information