Class PathEditor

  • public class PathEditor
    extends ListEditor
    A field editor to edit directory paths.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PathEditor

        protected PathEditor()
        Creates a new path field editor
      • PathEditor

        public PathEditor​(String name,
                          String labelText,
                          String dirChooserLabelText,
                          Composite parent)
        Creates a path field editor.
        name - the name of the preference this field editor works on
        labelText - the label text of the field editor
        dirChooserLabelText - the label text displayed for the directory chooser
        parent - the parent of the field editor's control
    • Method Detail

      • getNewInputObject

        protected String getNewInputObject()
        Description copied from class: ListEditor
        Creates and returns a new item for the list.

        Subclasses must implement this method.

        Specified by:
        getNewInputObject in class ListEditor
        a new item