Class DirectoryFieldEditor

public class DirectoryFieldEditor extends StringButtonFieldEditor
A field editor for a directory path type preference. A standard directory dialog appears when the user presses the change button.
  • Constructor Details

    • DirectoryFieldEditor

      protected DirectoryFieldEditor()
      Creates a new directory field editor
    • DirectoryFieldEditor

      public DirectoryFieldEditor(String name, String labelText, Composite parent)
      Creates a directory field editor.
      name - the name of the preference this field editor works on
      labelText - the label text of the field editor
      parent - the parent of the field editor's control
  • Method Details

    • changePressed

      protected String changePressed()
      Description copied from class: StringButtonFieldEditor
      Notifies that this field editor's change button has been pressed.

      Subclasses must implement this method to provide a corresponding new string for the text field. If the returned value is null, the currently displayed value remains.

      Specified by:
      changePressed in class StringButtonFieldEditor
      the new string to display, or null to leave the old string showing
    • doCheckState

      protected boolean doCheckState()
      Description copied from class: StringFieldEditor
      Hook for subclasses to do specific state checks.

      The default implementation of this framework method does nothing and returns true. Subclasses should override this method to specific state checks.

      doCheckState in class StringFieldEditor
      true if the field value is valid, and false if invalid
    • setFilterPath

      public void setFilterPath(File path)
      Sets the initial path for the Browse dialog.
      path - initial path for the Browse dialog