Class BooleanPropertyAction

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public class BooleanPropertyAction extends Action
The BooleanPropertyAction is an action that set the values of a boolean property in the preference store.
  • Constructor Details

    • BooleanPropertyAction

      public BooleanPropertyAction(String title, IPreferenceStore preferenceStore, String property) throws IllegalArgumentException
      Create a new instance of the receiver.
      title - The displayable name of the action.
      preferenceStore - The preference store to propogate changes to
      property - The property that is being updated
      IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if preferenceStore or property are null.
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    • run

      public void run()
      Description copied from class: Action
      The default implementation of this IAction method does nothing. Subclasses should override this method if they do not need information from the triggering event, or override runWithEvent(Event) if they do.
      Specified by:
      run in interface IAction
      run in class Action
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