Class DialogMessageArea

  • public class DialogMessageArea
    extends Object
    The DialogMessageArea is a resusable component for adding an accessible message area to a dialog. When the message is normal a CLabel is used but an errors replaces the message area with a non editable text that can take focus for use by screen readers.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DialogMessageArea

        public DialogMessageArea()
        Create a new instance of the receiver.
    • Method Detail

      • createContents

        public void createContents​(Composite parent)
        Create the contents for the receiver.
        parent - the Composite that the children will be created in
      • setTitleLayoutData

        public void setTitleLayoutData​(Object layoutData)
        Set the layoutData for the title area. In most cases this will be a copy of the layoutData used in setMessageLayoutData.
        layoutData - the layoutData for the title
        See Also:
      • setMessageLayoutData

        public void setMessageLayoutData​(Object layoutData)
        Set the layoutData for the messageArea. In most cases this will be a copy of the layoutData used in setTitleLayoutData.
        layoutData - the layoutData for the message area composite.
        See Also:
      • showTitle

        public void showTitle​(String titleMessage,
                              Image titleImage)
        Show the title.
        titleMessage - String for the titke
        titleImage - Image or null
      • restoreTitle

        public void restoreTitle()
        Enable the title and disable the message text and image.
      • updateText

        public void updateText​(String newMessage,
                               int newType)
        Show the new message in the message text and update the image. Base the background color on whether or not there are errors.
        newMessage - The new value for the message
        newType - One of the IMessageProvider constants. If newType is IMessageProvider.NONE show the title.
        See Also:
      • clearErrorMessage

        public void clearErrorMessage()
        Clear the error message. Restore the previously displayed message if there is one, if not restore the title label.