Interface ICoolBarManager

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CoolBarManager, CoolBarToTrimManager, SubCoolBarManager

public interface ICoolBarManager extends IContributionManager
The ICoolBarManager interface provides protocol for managing contributions to a cool bar. A cool bar manager delegates responsibility for creating child controls to its contribution items by calling IContributionItem.fill(CoolBar, int).

This interface is internal to the framework; it should not be implemented outside the framework. This package provides a concrete cool bar manager implementation, CoolBarManager, which clients may instantiate or subclass.

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    • add

      void add(IToolBarManager toolBarManager)
      A convenience method to add a tool bar as a contribution item to this cool bar manager. Equivalent to add(new ToolBarContributionManager(toolBarManager)).
      toolBarManager - the tool bar manager to be added
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    • getContextMenuManager

      IMenuManager getContextMenuManager()
      Returns the context menu manager used by this cool bar manager. This context menu manager is used by the cool bar manager except for cool items that provide their own.
      the context menu manager, or null if none
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    • getLockLayout

      boolean getLockLayout()
      Returns whether the layout of the underlying cool bar widget is locked.
      true if cool bar layout is locked, false otherwise
    • getStyle

      int getStyle()
      Returns the style of the underlying cool bar widget.
      the style of the cool bar
    • setContextMenuManager

      void setContextMenuManager(IMenuManager menuManager)
      Sets the context menu of this cool bar manager to the given menu manager.
      menuManager - the context menu manager, or null if none
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    • setLockLayout

      void setLockLayout(boolean value)
      Locks or unlocks the layout of the underlying cool bar widget. Once the cool bar is locked, cool items cannot be repositioned by the user.

      Note that items can be added or removed programmatically even while the cool bar is locked.

      value - true to lock the cool bar, false to unlock