Class AbstractContextProvider


public abstract class AbstractContextProvider extends Object
An AbstractContextProvider is a mechanism to provide arbitrary context-sensitive help for any part of the UI. AbstractContextProvider s must be registered via the extension point.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractContextProvider

      public AbstractContextProvider()
  • Method Details

    • getContext

      public abstract IContext getContext(String id, String locale)
      Returns the context-sensitive help content for the UI element with the given context help ID, and for the given locale.
      id - the unique context help ID, e.g. ""
      the context help, or null if not available
    • getPlugins

      public abstract String[] getPlugins()
      Returns an array of Strings containing the ids of the UI plug-ins for which this provider should be used. This is equivalent to the plugin attribute of the contexts element of the extension point, except you can specify any number of plug-ins.
      the UI plug-ins for which this provider should be used