Interface IInstallableUnitUIServices

public interface IInstallableUnitUIServices
An interface optionally implemented by UIServices to provide confirmation for the origin of installable units being installed.
  • Method Details

    • getTrustAuthorityInfo

      IInstallableUnitUIServices.TrustAuthorityInfo getTrustAuthorityInfo(Map<URI,Set<IInstallableUnit>> siteIUs, Map<URI,List<Certificate>> siteCertificates)
      Opens a UI prompt to capture information about trusted authorities.
      siteIUs - a map from each untrusted repository location URI to the installable units originating from that repository.
      siteCertificates - a map from each repository location URI, to the certificate chain of that location's secure connection.
      the trust information that describes the user's choices for trusting the given authorities.