Class MetadataFactory.InstallableUnitPatchDescription

Enclosing class:

public static class MetadataFactory.InstallableUnitPatchDescription extends MetadataFactory.InstallableUnitDescription
A description containing information about an installable unit patch. Once created, installable units are immutable. This description class allows a client to build up the state for an installable unit patch incrementally, and then finally produce the resulting immutable unit.
  • Constructor Details

    • InstallableUnitPatchDescription

      public InstallableUnitPatchDescription()
  • Method Details

    • setApplicabilityScope

      public void setApplicabilityScope(IRequirement[][] applyTo)
      Set the applicability scope for the installable unit patch.
    • setLifeCycle

      public void setLifeCycle(IRequirement lifeCycle)
      Set the lifecycle change for the installable unit patch.
    • setRequirementChanges

      public void setRequirementChanges(IRequirementChange[] changes)
      Set the requirement change for the installable unit patch.