Class UserVisibleRootQuery

All Implemented Interfaces:
IQueryWithIndex<IInstallableUnit>, IMatchQuery<IInstallableUnit>, IQuery<IInstallableUnit>

public class UserVisibleRootQuery extends IUProfilePropertyQuery
A query matching all the IInstallableUnits that are marked visible to the user.
  • Constructor Details

    • UserVisibleRootQuery

      public UserVisibleRootQuery()
      Creates a new query that will match all installable units marked visible to the user.
  • Method Details

    • isUserVisible

      public static boolean isUserVisible(IInstallableUnit iu, IProfile profile)
      Test if the IInstallableUnit, in the context of a IProfile is visible to the user
      iu - the element being tested.
      profile - the context in which the iu is tested
      true if the element is visible to the user.