Interface IProvisioningAgentProvider

  • public interface IProvisioningAgentProvider
    An OSGi service that is used to create or obtain instances of an IProvisioningAgent.
    • Field Detail


        static final String SERVICE_NAME
        Service name constant for the agent provider service.
    • Method Detail

      • createAgent

        IProvisioningAgent createAgent​(URI location)
                                throws ProvisionException
        Creates a provisioning agent who metadata is stored at the given location. If a null location is provided, the provisioning agent for the currently running system is returned, if available. If a null location is provided and the currently running system has not been provisioned by any known agent, null is returned.

        Callers of this method are responsible for stopping the agent when they are finished using it by invoking IProvisioningAgent.stop().

        location - The location where the agent metadata is stored
        A provisioning agent, or null if a null parameter is provided and there is no currently running agent.
        ProvisionException - If agent creation failed. Reasons include:
        • The location is not writeable.
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