Class StructuredTextCharTypes


public class StructuredTextCharTypes extends Object
Provides services related to the bidi classification of characters.
  • Field Details

    • expert

      protected final IStructuredTextExpert expert
      The IStructuredTextExpert instance which created this instance.
    • handler

      protected final StructuredTextTypeHandler handler
      The StructuredTextTypeHandler instance utilized by the expert.
    • environment

      protected final StructuredTextEnvironment environment
      The environment associated with the expert.
    • text

      protected final String text
      The source text whose characters are analyzed.
  • Constructor Details

    • StructuredTextCharTypes

      public StructuredTextCharTypes(IStructuredTextExpert expert, String text)
      expert - IStructuredTextExpert instance through which this handler is invoked. The handler can use IStructuredTextExpert methods to query items stored in the expert instance, like the current environment.
      text - is the text whose characters are analyzed.
  • Method Details

    • getDirection

      public int getDirection()
      Indicates the base text direction appropriate for an instance of structured text.
      the base direction of the structured text. This direction may not be the same depending on the environment and on whether the structured text contains Arabic or Hebrew letters.
      The value returned is either DIR_LTR or DIR_RTL.
    • getBidiTypeAt

      public byte getBidiTypeAt(int index)
      Gets the directionality of the character in the original string at the specified index.
      index - position of the character in the lean text
      the bidi type of the character. It is one of the values which can be returned by Character.getDirectionality(char).
    • setBidiTypeAt

      public void setBidiTypeAt(int index, byte charType)
      Forces a bidi type on a character.
      index - position of the character whose bidi type is set.
      charType - bidirectional type of the character. It must be one of the values which can be returned by java.lang.Character.getDirectionality.
    • resolveOrientation

      public int resolveOrientation()
      Gets the orientation of the component in which the text will be displayed.
      the orientation as either StructuredTextEnvironment.ORIENT_LTR, StructuredTextEnvironment.ORIENT_RTL, StructuredTextEnvironment.ORIENT_UNKNOWN or StructuredTextEnvironment.ORIENT_IGNORE.