Package org.eclipse.equinox.bidi.advanced

package org.eclipse.equinox.bidi.advanced

This package provides classes for users who need finer control on structured text handling. In particular, the user should use the methods in the IStructuredTextExpert class in the following cases:

  • The structured type handler to use is not one of those predefined in StructuredTextTypeHandlerFactory.
  • A non-default environment needs to be specified.
  • A call to a method processing a piece of text may create a state which affects the processing of the next piece of text.
  • The user needs to manage the offsets where directional formatting characters are inserted in the text.

Note that the basic functions are provided in package org.eclipse.equinox.bidi and its StructuredTextProcessor class.

To access the more sophisticated methods for processing structured text, the user should proceed as follows:

  • The user has to obtain an appropriate IStructuredTextExpert instance using the methods in StructuredTextExpertFactory.
  • The user may then invoke the more sophisticated methods provided by IStructuredTextExpert for processing the structured text.
  • If those methods should work in an environment different from the default, the user may specify properties of the environment using the class StructuredTextEnvironment.

    This should be done before obtaining a IStructuredTextExpert instance, and the specific environment must be specified when invoking StructuredTextExpertFactory methods. This will associate a type handler with the given environment and provide a customized IStructuredTextExpert instance to the user.