Interface IApplication

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    public interface IApplication
    Bootstrap type for an application. An IApplication represent executable entry points into an application. An IApplication can be configured into the Platform's org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications extension-point.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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      • EXIT_OK

        static final Integer EXIT_OK
        Exit object indicating normal termination

        static final Integer EXIT_RESTART
        Exit object requesting platform restart

        static final Integer EXIT_RELAUNCH
        Exit object requesting that the command passed back be executed. Typically this is used to relaunch Eclipse with different command line arguments. When the executable is relaunched the command line will be retrieved from the eclipse.exitdata system property.
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      • start

        Object start​(IApplicationContext context)
              throws Exception
        Starts this application with the given context and returns a result. The content of the context is unchecked and should conform to the expectations of the application being invoked. This method can return the value IApplicationContext.EXIT_ASYNC_RESULT if the application will deliver its results asynchronously with the IApplicationContext.setResult(Object, IApplication) method; otherwise this method must not exit until the application is finished and is ready to exit.

        Applications can return any object they like. If an Integer is returned it is treated as the program exit code if Eclipse is exiting.

        Note: This method is called by the platform; it is not intended to be called directly by clients.

        context - the application context to pass to the application
        the return value of the application
        Exception - if there is a problem running this application.
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      • stop

        void stop()
        Forces this running application to exit. This method should wait until the running application is ready to exit. The start(IApplicationContext) should already have exited or should exit very soon after this method exits

        This method is only called to force an application to exit. This method will not be called if an application exits normally from the start(IApplicationContext) method.

        Note: This method is called by the platform; it is not intended to be called directly by clients.