Class SWTPartRenderer

Direct Known Subclasses:
AreaRenderer, ContributedPartRenderer, ElementReferenceRenderer, LazyStackRenderer, MenuManagerRenderer, PerspectiveRenderer, SashRenderer, SeparatorRenderer, ToolBarManagerRenderer, ToolControlRenderer, TrimBarRenderer, WBWRenderer

public abstract class SWTPartRenderer extends org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
  • Constructor Details

    • SWTPartRenderer

      public SWTPartRenderer()
  • Method Details

    • processContents

      public void processContents(MElementContainer<MUIElement> container)
      Specified by:
      processContents in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • styleElement

      public void styleElement(MUIElement element, boolean active)
    • setCSSInfo

      public void setCSSInfo(MUIElement me, Object widget)
    • reapplyStyles

      protected void reapplyStyles(Widget widget)
    • bindWidget

      public void bindWidget(MUIElement me, Object widget)
      Specified by:
      bindWidget in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • unbindWidget

      public static Object unbindWidget(MUIElement me)
    • getParentWidget

      protected Widget getParentWidget(MUIElement element)
      Specified by:
      getParentWidget in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • disposeWidget

      public void disposeWidget(MUIElement element)
      Specified by:
      disposeWidget in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • hookControllerLogic

      public void hookControllerLogic(MUIElement me)
      Specified by:
      hookControllerLogic in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • getToolTip

      public String getToolTip(MUILabel element)
    • getImageFromURI

      protected Image getImageFromURI(String iconURI)
    • getImage

      public Image getImage(MUILabel element)
      Specified by:
      getImage in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • calcVisibleIndex

      protected int calcVisibleIndex(MUIElement element)
      Calculates the index of the element in terms of the other rendered elements. This is useful when 'inserting' elements in the middle of existing, rendered parents.
      element - The element to get the index for
      The visible index or -1 if the element is not a child of the parent
    • calcIndex

      protected int calcIndex(MUIElement element)
    • childRendered

      public void childRendered(MElementContainer<MUIElement> parentElement, MUIElement element)
      Specified by:
      childRendered in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • init

      public void init(IEclipseContext context)
      init in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • requiresFocus

      protected boolean requiresFocus(MPart element)
      Description copied from class: org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
      Check if activating element requires that the part set the focus.
      Specified by:
      requiresFocus in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
      true if the part requires focus
    • getModelElement

      protected static MUIElement getModelElement(Control ctrl)
    • forceFocus

      public void forceFocus(MUIElement element)
      Description copied from class: org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
      Force the UI focus into the element if possible. This method should not be called directly, it will be called by the IPresentationEngine#focusGui method if the normal process used to set the focus cannot be performed.
      forceFocus in class org.eclipse.e4.ui.internal.workbench.swt.AbstractPartRenderer
    • imageChanged

      protected boolean imageChanged()