Interface EPlaceholderResolver

  • public interface EPlaceholderResolver
    This service is used to resolve references from MPlaceholders. The issue is that we may be storing a cloned snippet which contains references to 'shared elements' but instantiating the snippet in a new window requires that the shared elements list be updated.
    This interface is not intended to be referenced by clients.
    • Method Detail

      • resolvePlaceholderRef

        void resolvePlaceholderRef​(MPlaceholder ph,
                                   MWindow refWin)
        This method is used to re-resolve a placeholder's reference to a 'shared part' within the context of a particular window. This is necessary because placeholders must be referencing an element in that window's 'sharedParts' list.

        Implementors may presume that the if the placeholder's reference is already non-null then it has already been resolved.

        ph - The placeholder to set the reference for (if necessary)
        refWin - The window the whose shared parts are to be referenced