Interface MSnippetContainer

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    MApplication, MDialog, MTrimmedWindow, MWindow, MWizardDialog

    public interface MSnippetContainer
    A representation of the model object 'Snippet Container'.

    This provides a collection of model fragments that can be subsequently cloned and inserterd into the model using the EModelService. For example saving a customized Perspective will create a clone and store it in this container.

    This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

    The following features are supported:

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      • getSnippets

        List<MUIElement> getSnippets()
        Returns the value of the 'Snippets' containment reference list. The list contents are of type MUIElement.

        Developers: Add more detailed documentation by editing this comment in org.eclipse.ui.model.workbench/model/UIElements.ecore. There is a GenModel/documentation node under each type and attribute.

        the value of the 'Snippets' containment reference list.