Interface MGenericTile<T extends MUIElement>

All Superinterfaces:
MApplicationElement, MElementContainer<T>, MLocalizable, MUIElement
All Known Subinterfaces:
MArea, MCompositePart, MPartSashContainer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AreaImpl, CompositePartImpl, GenericTileImpl, PartSashContainerImpl

public interface MGenericTile<T extends MUIElement> extends MElementContainer<T>
A representation of the model object 'Generic Tile'.

This type defines the base type for 'tile' type containers. These containers are expected to only show all their visible children at the same time.

This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

The following features are supported:

  • Method Details

    • isHorizontal

      boolean isHorizontal()
      Returns the value of the 'Horizontal' attribute.

      This field determines which direction the tiling should take; 'true' for horizontal' tiling, 'false' for vertical.

      the value of the 'Horizontal' attribute.
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    • setHorizontal

      void setHorizontal(boolean value)
      Sets the value of the 'Horizontal' attribute.
      value - the new value of the 'Horizontal' attribute.
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