Class ExtendedObjectSupplier

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      • ExtendedObjectSupplier

        public ExtendedObjectSupplier()
        Constructs a new instance of an extended object supplier.
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      • get

        public abstract Object get​(IObjectDescriptor descriptor,
                                   IRequestor requestor,
                                   boolean track,
                                   boolean group)
        This method is called by the dependency injection mechanism to obtain an object corresponding to the object descriptor. If the supplier is asked to track changes, it should notify requestor whenever it detects a change that would result in a different result produced by this method.
        descriptor - descriptor of the object requested by the requestor
        requestor - the originator of this request
        track - true if the object suppliers should notify requestor of changes to the returned objects; false otherwise
        group - true if the change notifications can be grouped; false otherwise
        object corresponding to the object descriptor