Class RunAndTrack


public abstract class RunAndTrack extends Object
Instances of this class contain behavior that is executed within an IEclipseContext. The context records all values accessed by this object, and will re-evaluate this runnable whenever any accessed value changes.
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  • Constructor Details

    • RunAndTrack

      public RunAndTrack()
      Creates a new instance of trackable computation
  • Method Details

    • changed

      public abstract boolean changed(IEclipseContext context)
      This method is initially called by the framework when an instance of this class is associated with the context via IEclipseContext.runAndTrack(RunAndTrack).

      After the initial call this method is executed when one or more values it retrieved from the context change.

      context - modified context
      true to continue to be called on updates; false otherwise
    • runExternalCode

      protected void runExternalCode(Runnable runnable)
      Use this method to wrap calls to external code. For instance, while in changed(IEclipseContext). consider calling listeners from this method. This wrapper will pause dependency recording while in the 3rd party code, reducing potential dependency circularity issues.
      runnable - the runnable to execute