Interface ISourceDisplay

  • public interface ISourceDisplay
    Displays source for a debug model element. The debug platform displays source whenever a debug context containing a single element is activated (a structured selection with one element). The debug platform displays source by asking an element for its ISourceDisplay adapter or using the element directly if it implements ISourceDisplay.

    The debug platform provides a source display adapter for instances of IStackFrame. The standard adapter uses the source locator associated with the stack frame's launch to lookup source. Clients may provide their own source display adapters as required.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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      • displaySource

        void displaySource​(Object element,
                           IWorkbenchPage page,
                           boolean forceSourceLookup)
        Displays source for the given element in the specified page.
        element - debug model element to display source for
        page - the page in which to display source
        forceSourceLookup - whether source lookup should be performed, ignoring any previously cached results for the same element