Interface IDebugEditorPresentation

  • public interface IDebugEditorPresentation
    A debug model presentation may implement this interface to override standard editor positioning and annotations associated with source code display for stack frames.
    • Method Detail

      • addAnnotations

        boolean addAnnotations​(IEditorPart editorPart,
                               IStackFrame frame)
        Positions and adds annotations to the given editor for the specified stack frame and returns whether any annotations were added. When true is returned, a call will be made to remove annotations when the source selection is cleared for the stack frame. When false is returned, the debugger will position and add standard annotations to the editor, and a corresponding call to remove annotations will not be made. This method is called when the debugger is has opened an editor to display source for the given stack frame.
        editorPart - the editor the debugger has opened
        frame - the stack frame for which the debugger is displaying source
        true if annotations were added to the given editor part false otherwise
      • removeAnnotations

        void removeAnnotations​(IEditorPart editorPart,
                               IThread thread)
        Removes any debug related annotations from the given editor. This method is called when the debugger clears the source selection in an editor opened by the debugger. For example, when a debug session is resumed or terminated.
        editorPart - an editor that annotations were added to for a stack frame
        thread - the thread for which stack frame annotations were added to the editor