Interface ILaunchConfigurationListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSourceLookupDirector, Launch

public interface ILaunchConfigurationListener
Notified when a launch configuration is created, deleted, or changed.

Clients may implement this interface.

  • Method Details

    • launchConfigurationAdded

      void launchConfigurationAdded(ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
      The given launch configuration has been created.
      configuration - the newly created launch configuration
    • launchConfigurationChanged

      void launchConfigurationChanged(ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
      The given launch configuration has changed in some way. The configuration may be a working copy.
      configuration - the launch configuration that has changed
    • launchConfigurationRemoved

      void launchConfigurationRemoved(ILaunchConfiguration configuration)
      The given launch configuration has been deleted.

      The launch configuration no longer exists. Data stored in the configuration can no longer be accessed, however handle-only attributes of the launch configuration can be retrieved.

      configuration - the deleted launch configuration