Interface ITextContentDescriber

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org.eclipse.core.internal.content.TextContentDescriber, XMLContentDescriber, XMLRootElementContentDescriber, XMLRootElementContentDescriber2

public interface ITextContentDescriber extends IContentDescriber
Text content describers extend basic content describers to provide the ability of scanning character streams (readers). Describers for text-based content types must implement this interface instead of IContentDescription.

Note: It is expected that content describer implementations be declared in a package that is exempt from plug-in activation (using the Eclipse-AutoStart bundle manifest header). Since all describers are instantiated when the content type framework is initialized, failure in complying with this requirement causes premature activation, which must be avoided. Future implementations of the framework might refuse to instantiate describers if doing so would trigger activation of the corresponding plug-in.

Clients may implement this interface.

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    • describe

      int describe(Reader contents, IContentDescription description) throws IOException
      Tries to fill a description for the given contents. Returns an int indicating whether the given stream of characters represents a valid sample for this describer's corresponding content type. If no content description is provided, this method should only perform content type validation.

      The stream provided must be kept open, and any IOExceptions while reading it should flow to the caller.

      contents - the contents to be examined
      description - a description to be filled in, or null if only content type validation is to be performed
      one of the following:
      • VALID
      • INVALID
      IOException - if an I/O error occurs
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