Interface IDocumentSetupParticipant

  • public interface IDocumentSetupParticipant
    Participates in the setup of a text file buffer document.

    This interface is the expected interface for extensions provided for the "org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.documentSetup" extension point.

    Participants have to be aware of the existence of other participants. I.e. they should always setup a document in a way that does not interfere with others. E.g., when a participant wants to install partitioning on the document, it must use the IDocumentExtension3 API and choose a unique partitioning id.

    In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IDocumentSetupParticipant, extension interfaces are used to provide a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

    See Also:
    IDocumentExtension3, IDocumentSetupParticipantExtension
    • Method Detail

      • setup

        void setup​(IDocument document)
        Sets up the document to be ready for use by a text file buffer.
        document - the document to be set up