Class WithExpression

    • Method Detail

      • computeHashCode

        protected int computeHashCode()
        Description copied from class: Expression
        Method to compute the hash code for this object. The result returned from this method in cached in the fHashCode field. If the value returned from the method equals Expression.HASH_CODE_NOT_COMPUTED (e.g. -1) then the value is incremented by one.

        This default implementation calls super.hashCode()

        computeHashCode in class CompositeExpression
        a hash code for this object.
      • evaluate

        public EvaluationResult evaluate​(IEvaluationContext context)
                                  throws CoreException
        Description copied from class: Expression
        Evaluates this expression.
        Specified by:
        evaluate in class Expression
        context - an evaluation context providing information like variable, name spaces, etc. necessary to evaluate this expression
        the result of the expression evaluation
        CoreException - if the evaluation failed. The concrete reason is defined by the subclass implementing this method
      • collectExpressionInfo

        public void collectExpressionInfo​(ExpressionInfo info)
        Description copied from class: Expression
        Collects information about this expression tree. This default implementation add the expression's type to the set of misbehaving expression types.
        collectExpressionInfo in class CompositeExpression
        info - the expression information object used to collect the information