Class UndoContext

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    public class UndoContext
    extends Object
    implements IUndoContext

    A simple, lightweight undo context that can be used to tag any operation. It does not provided a specialized label. This class may be instantiated by clients. This class may also be subclassed.

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      • UndoContext

        public UndoContext()
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      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()

        Get the label that describes the undo context. The default implementation returns the empty String. Subclasses may override.

        Specified by:
        getLabel in interface IUndoContext
        the label for the context.
      • matches

        public boolean matches​(IUndoContext context)

        Return whether the specified context is considered a match for the receiving context. When a context matches another context, operations that have the context are considered to also have the matching context. The default implementation checks whether the supplied context is identical to this context. Subclasses may override.

        Specified by:
        matches in interface IUndoContext
        context - the context to be checked against the receiving context.
        true if the receiving context can be considered a match for the specified context, and false if it cannot.