Class OperationStatus

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    public final class OperationStatus
    extends Status

    OperationStatus describes the status of a request to execute, undo, or redo an operation. This class may be instantiated by clients.

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        public static final int NOTHING_TO_REDO
        NOTHING_TO_REDO indicates there was no operation available for redo. (value is 1).
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        public static final int NOTHING_TO_UNDO
        NOTHING_TO_UNDO indicates there was no operation available for undo. (value is 2).
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        public static final int OPERATION_INVALID
        OPERATION_INVALID indicates that the operation available for undo or redo is not in a state to successfully perform the undo or redo. (value is 3).
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    • Constructor Detail

      • OperationStatus

        public OperationStatus​(int severity,
                               String pluginId,
                               int code,
                               String message,
                               Throwable exception)
        Creates a new operation status, specifying all properties.
        severity - the severity for the status
        pluginId - the unique identifier of the relevant plug-in
        code - the informational code for the status
        message - a human-readable message, localized to the current locale
        exception - a low-level exception, or null if not applicable