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public interface IOperationApprover2 extends IOperationApprover
Extends IOperationApprover to approve the execution of a particular operation within an operation history. Operations that are candidates for execution have already been validated against their current state and according to the rules of the history. Prior to 3.2, an operation approver was only consulted for undo and redo of an operation, not its initial execution.

By the time an IOperationApprover2 is consulted, the execution has already been requested and it has been determined that the operation is valid. Approvers should return an IStatus object with severity OK if the operation should proceed, and any other severity if it should not. When an operation is not approved, it is expected that the object not allowing the operation has already consulted the user if necessary or otherwise provided any necessary information to the user about the fact that the operation is not approved.

Like IOperationApprover, implementers of this extension must be prepared to receive the approval messages from a background thread. Any UI access occurring inside the implementation must be properly synchronized using the techniques specified by the client's widget library.

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    • proceedExecuting

      IStatus proceedExecuting(IUndoableOperation operation, IOperationHistory history, IAdaptable info)
      Return a status indicating whether the specified operation should be executed. Any status that does not have severity IStatus.OK will not be approved. Implementers should not assume that the execution will be performed when the status is OK, since other operation approvers may veto the execution.
      operation - the operation to be executed
      history - the history performing the execution of the operation
      info - the IAdaptable (or null) provided by the caller in order to supply UI information for prompting the user if necessary. When this parameter is not null, it should minimally contain an adapter for the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell.class. Even if UI information is provided, the implementation of this method must be prepared for being called from a background thread. Any UI access must be properly synchronized using the techniques specified by the client's widget library.
      the IStatus describing whether the operation is approved. The execution will not proceed if the status severity is not OK, and the caller requesting the execution will be returned the status that caused the rejection. Any other status severities will not be interpreted by the history.