Interface ICompositeOperation

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public interface ICompositeOperation extends IUndoableOperation

ICompositeOperation defines an undoable operation that is composed of child operations. Requests to execute, undo, or redo a composite result in the the execution, undo, or redo of the composite as a whole. Similarly, a request to dispose the composite should result in all child operations being disposed.

  • Method Details

    • add

      void add(IUndoableOperation operation)

      Add the specified operation as a child of this operation.

      operation - the operation to be added. If the operation instance has already been added, this method will have no effect.
    • remove

      void remove(IUndoableOperation operation)

      Remove the specified operation from this operation.

      The composite operation should dispose the operation as part of removing it.

      operation - the operation to be removed. The operation should be disposed by the receiver. This method will have no effect if the operation instance is not already a child.