Class CompareEditorInputNavigator

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public class CompareEditorInputNavigator extends CompareNavigator
Supports cross-pane navigation through the differences contained in a CompareEditorInput or a similar type of compare container.
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  • Constructor Details

    • CompareEditorInputNavigator

      public CompareEditorInputNavigator(Object[] panes)
      Create a navigator for navigating the given panes
      panes - the panes to navigate.
  • Method Details

    • getPanes

      public Object[] getPanes()
      Return the set of panes that this navigator is navigating. The INavigatable is obtain from each pane using the adaptable mechanism.
      the set of panes that this navigator is navigating
    • getNavigatables

      protected INavigatable[] getNavigatables()
      Specified by:
      getNavigatables in class CompareNavigator
    • selectChange

      public boolean selectChange(boolean next)
      Description copied from interface: ICompareNavigator
      Starting from the current selection selectChange selects and reveals the next (previous) change. If the end (or beginning) is reached, the method returns true.
      Specified by:
      selectChange in interface ICompareNavigator
      selectChange in class CompareNavigator
      next - if true the next change is selected, otherwise the previous change
      returns true if end (beginning) is reached, false otherwise