Package org.eclipse.ant.core

package org.eclipse.ant.core
Provides support for running the Ant build tool in the platform.

Package Specification

This package defines a number of task and data types and various infrastructure pieces which make Ant in the platform easier and more powerful.
  • Class
    The plug-in runtime class for the Ant Core plug-in.
    Represents the Ant Core plug-in's preferences providing utilities for extracting, changing and updating the underlying preferences.
    Entry point for running Ant builds inside Eclipse (within the same JRE).
    A security exception that is thrown by the AntSecurityManager if an Ant task in some way attempts to halt or exit the Java Virtual Machine.
    Represents an Ant classpath entry.
    An interface that must be implemented by plug-ins that wish to contribute predefined variables to an Ant project when run from within Eclipse.
    Represents information about a project within an Ant build file.
    Represents a Ant property.
    Represents information about a target within an Ant build file.
    Represents an Ant task.
    Represents an Ant type.