Adding the preference page

The combination of product properties and default preference values can fully configure the Universal Welcome if no further customization is desired. For products that want to allow users to customize Welcome, a preference page is available. The following code should be added to the product's plugin.xml:

         <keywordReference id="org.eclipse.ui.ide.appearance"/>

This code will add the Welcome customization preference page. The page allows users to select the presentation theme. The original choice is provided by the theme preference in the plugin_customization.ini file. In addition, users can choose from the list of available root pages. Checking the root page causes the related tab to appear at the top of the dialog.

When saved, this preference page will prefix the variables with the product id so that it does not interfere with the settings made for other products in the same workbench. Alternatively, selecting the checkbox above will not prefix the variables, making the stored settings visible to all the products.