Http Service and JSP support

Equinox provides support for building and running OSGi based web applications both inside RCP and application server environments. In an OSGi web application use of the OSGi Http Service replaces the use of web.xml deployment file. The Http Service provides a means to register servlets and resources in a manner more consistent with the dynamic environment in Eclipse where bundles can come and go.

The platform SDK comes packaged with org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty, an implementation of the OSGi Http Service that uses Jetty as its underlying servlet container. This implementation allows customization and configuration of many of the server settings important for integration.

Java Server Pages play a central role in many java server environments, allowing the presentation of dynamic content. On-the-fly compilation of JSPs is provided by org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper's JSPServlet.

Http Service Extension Points

In many cases it's easier to use the more declarative style of interaction provided by the extension registry. To support this usage style org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry provides extension points for httpcontexts, servlets, and resources that allow the equivalent registration of web resources in the Http Service.

A JSP Extension Factory class in org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper.registry provides JSP support for use in conjunction with the servlets extension point.