Managed forms

Managed forms are wrappers that add life cycle management and notification to form members. Managed form is not a form by itself. It has a form and accepts registration of IFormPart element. For each IFormPart, it manages events like dirty state, saving, commit, focus, selection changes etc. In order to reach to the wrapped form widget, call the 'getForm()' method.

There is a similarity between managed forms and JFace viewers - the relationship between a form and a managed form is similar to the one between a Table widget and TableViewer in JFace, for example.

Not every control on the form needs to be a form part. It is better to group a number of controls and implement IFormPart interface for the group. Section is a natural group and Eclipse Form provides SectionPart implementation. It implements the interface and contains a Section instance (either created outside and passed into the constructor, or created in the part itself).