Check Your Ids

This is the most common problem in configuring the CNF. Make sure the Ids match exactly what you expect them to.

Is it a Wildcard or Regular Expression?

Be sure that the includes and excludes Ids for the navigator content extensions or filters are actually regular expressions and not wild cards. So if you are looking for com.mycompany.myplugin* (this is a wildcard), make sure you use com.mycompany.myplugin.* (which is a matching regular expression). The former will find things like com.mycompany.mypluginnnnn, but won't find com.mycompany.myplugin.function1.


The CNF provides tracing that can be helpful to resolve problems. To enable the tracing go to the Tracing tab in the Launch Configuration Dialog and select Enable Tracing. Then check the org.eclipse.ui.navigator plugin, and on the right check debug and also one of the following:

If you require support, include the tracing when you report your problem.