What's New in 4.29 (PDE)

Here are descriptions of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) for the 4.29 release of Eclipse. They are grouped into:


New OSGi Repository Target Location Type The OSGi Specification defines a XML format for representing a repository as defined in "132 Repository Service Specification" that allows to hold "Resources" with requirements and capabilities. Such a repository usually contains a set of bundles and is very similar to what we have today with P2 updatesites, to improve interfacing of PDE with such repositories this adds a new target location type "Repository" where content can be used as usual.


Support for mixed Products The PDE Product Editor now supports mixed products, which consist of both Plug-ins and Feature. On the Overview page of the Product, just select
The product configuration is based on: plug-ins and feature
and you can add Plug-ins and Features to the Product in the Contents page of the editor.

You can launch mixed products as usual from the IDE via shortcuts in the Overview page. Tycho supports building mixed products since version 3.0.0.

Mixed products usage

Enhanced Start Levels configuration in Products For Products the specification of Plug-in Start Levels in the Configuration page of the Product-Editor has been enhanced.
  • Plugin's that are only transitively contained in a product can now have their Start Level configured too
  • Recommended Plug-ins are only added if they are (transitively) contained in the product.

Mixed products usage