Import Projects from a Repository

The Plug-in Import Wizard allows you to create projects in the workspace by importing plug-ins from the active target platform, a directory, or a target definition. If the plug-ins you are importing contain appropriate source reference information, the import wizard allows you to import the projects associated with those bundles from a repository.

For example, the plug-ins in the Eclipse SDK contain Eclipse-SourceReference: headers identifying the CVS repository and projects the plug-ins originated from. You can import the specific version of a project that a plug-in was built from or you can import the associated project from HEAD.

To import plug-ins from a repository do the following:

  1. Open the import wizard: Open the plug-in import wizard File > Import... > Plug-in Development > Plug-ins and Fragments
  2. In the Import From section, select a source of plug-ins such as the active target platform.

    Import from the active target platform

  3. In the Import As section select Projects from a repository.

    Import as projects from a repository

  4. Press Next. A list of plug-ins in the target platform that can be imported from a repository will be shown. Select the plug-ins you want to import and press Next.
  5. The next page allows you to import specific versions of the associated projects (the versions used to build the target platform), or from HEAD. Select the desired option and press Finish. The projects will be imported and appear as projects in the workspace.

    Import specific versions or from HEAD

You can also import plug-ins from a repository from the Plug-ins View. Select the plug-ins you want to import and use the Import As > Project from a Repository... action.

Import projects from a repository

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