Interface ITargetLocationWizard

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public interface ITargetLocationWizard extends IWizard
This interface represents a wizard which will be used to add target locations to a target definition. The wizard will be available from the Add... button on the locations tab in the target wizard or editor. Implementors must contribute their wizards through the org.eclipse.pde.ui.targetLocationProvisioners extension point. Implementing classes must have a default constructor (zero arguments) for the class to be created from the extension.
This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
  • Method Details

    • setTarget

      void setTarget(ITargetDefinition target)
      After the wizard is created this method will be called, providing this wizard with information from the target definition the new location(s) will be added to. It is not recommended that implementors modify the target as UI behaviour is not API (it may change between releases).
      target - the target definition this location is being added to
    • getLocations

      ITargetLocation[] getLocations()
      Returns an array of target locations to be added to the target definition. Will be called after the wizard is closed.
      an array of target locations to add to the target definition