API Baseline Wizard

The API baseline wizard can be used to:

The wizard can be used from the Opens the API Baselines preference page Plug-in Development > API Baselines preference page preference page, by selecting either the Add Baseline... button (to add a new baseline) or the Edit... button (to edit an existing baseline).




Name You can choose any name you want for a baseline with the exception that it cannot contain system restricted characters. For example on Windows, you cannot use '/' in file names. Empty
Location The location for an API baseline is the path to an Eclipse SDK install, typically a path to the 'plugins' folder for the install. Empty
Browse... Selecting the Browse button will allow you to browse for the location of an Eclipse SDK installation.  
Reset Selecting the Reset button will re-scan the specified location and recreate the API baseline.  

The API Baseline wizard, showing an example Eclipse 3.3.2 baseline being created.

API Baseline Wizard Setting up a baseline API Baselines Preferences