Update Site Project

The New Update Site Project creation wizard is available under Open the New Site Project wziardFile > New > Project... > Plug-in Development > Update Site Project from the top level menu.

Update Site Project

Project Settings

The Project Name for the update site project can be any valid directory name.

The project Location field specifies the default location as a subdirectory nested inside the workspace location. The project location can be changed to any writable location by unchecking the Use default location checkbox and entering the location of choice.

Web Resources

The Generate a web page listing all available features within the site option generates several web files that can provide an HTML index preview of the update site contents.

The default location for the Web resources location is a web/ folder; but, this location can be overridden by the user.

Update Site Project Structure

When an update site project is created, its manifest file will open in the PDE site manifest editor. An Update site project has a site.xml file located at its root. If the option to create a web page is chosen in the wizard, the project will also contain a web/ folder and an index.html file located at its root.

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