Feature Project

The New Feature Project creation wizard is available under Open the new feature project wizardFile > New > Project... > Plug-in Development > Feature Project from the top level menu.

The creation of a feature project is a two-step process:

  1. Define the feature properties
  2. Select the plug-ins that make up the feature

Feature Properties

The Feature Properties wizard page allows you to specify the feature project name, location and main properties.

Feature Properties

It is recommended to use the reverse domain naming convention (e.g. com.example.feature) for the project name.

The project Location field specifies the default location as a subdirectory nested inside the workspace location. The project location can be changed to any writable location by unchecking the Use default location checkbox and entering the location of choice.

A Feature ID is mandatory and must comply with the plugin.dtd.

A Feature Version is mandatory and must be of the form major.minor.micro.qualifier (e.g. 1.3.0).

A Feature Name is the translatable presentation name of the feature. This field is required.

A Feature Vendor is the translatable name of the feature vendor. This field is optional.

Plug-in Selection

The Plug-in Selection wizard page lets you select the plug-ins and fragments that make up the feature content.

Plug-in Selection

Feature Project Structure

When a feature project is created, its manifest file will open in the PDE feature manifest editor and it will have the following structure:

Feature Explorer