Extension Point Schema Compiler Preferences

PDE validates extension point schemas and flags syntactic problems as errors. Optional features of the PDE schema builder include the real-time generation of reference documentation for schemas and the flagging of unmatched tags in the schema documentation.

Schema Compiler Options

HTML Document Generation Preference

The HTML Document Generation preference gives the option to generate reference HTML documents from extension point schemas as soon as the schema is modified and saved. The location where the HTML documents are to be generated is customizable with the default location being a folder named doc at the root of the plug-in project.

Unmatched Tags Preference

The documentation portions of extension point schemas allow HTML tags. Missing closing tags for those HTML tags that require it may result in badly formatted HTML documentation. The PDE builder validates the documentation sections of extension schemas and flag unmatched tags with a Warning by default. The severity level of this problem can be raised to Error or lowered to Ignore.

PDE Compiler Preferences
PDE Preferences