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About This Wizard

This wizard allows you to register a simple or composite cheat sheet with the Eclipse workbench to make it accessible through the Help menu.

The underlying operation performed by this wizard involves generating the XML-related mark-up for the Cheat Sheet Content extension point (org.eclipse.ui.cheatsheets.cheatSheetContent) and adding it to the plugin.xml file belonging to the plug-in project the cheat sheet being registered is contained within.

A brief description and problem domain category may be specified for the cheat sheet during registration. This wizard will only register the cheat sheet once. Subsequent uses of this wizard allow the user to update the cheat sheet description and category values of the original registration.

To register the current cheat sheet being edited, click the Register this cheat sheet hyperlink in the title area of the Simple Cheat Sheet Editor or Composite Cheat Sheet Editor.

Cheat Sheet Page Header

Wizard Fields

This wizard contains the following fields:

Label Type Name Description Required
Category Combo Box Problem Domain Category To categorize the cheat sheet being registered using an existing problem domain category, select a value from this field.

If an existing problem domain category is selected, the registered cheat sheet will be placed as a node under that category in the Cheat Sheet Selection dialog's tree viewer.

If <none> is selected, the registered cheat sheet will be placed as a node under the Other category in the Cheat Sheet Selection dialog's tree viewer.
Description Text Brief Cheat Sheet Description Edit this field to specify a brief description for the cheat sheet being registered.

If a description is specified, it will appear as a label under the Cheat Sheet Selection dialog's tree viewer when the registered cheat sheet node is selected.
Register Cheat Sheet Wizard Main

Wizard Actions

This wizard provides the following actions:

Label Type Name Description
New... Button Create New Category Click this button to create a new problem domain category.

In the resulting Create New Category dialog, enter a category name in the Name field to specify the problem domain the cheat sheet being registered belongs to.

The new category will be added to the Category combo box.
Register Cheat Sheet Wizard Category

How To Access A Registered Cheat Sheet

To access a registered cheat sheet within the Eclipse workbench, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch a new runtime Eclipse workbench*.
  2. In the runtime Eclipse workbench, click Help > Cheat Sheets... to open the Cheat Sheet Selection dialog.
  3. Within the dialog, select the following option: Select a cheat sheet from the list
  4. In the tree viewer, expand the problem domain category used to categorize the registered cheat sheet. If one was not specified, expand the Other category.
  5. Select the registered cheat sheet
  6. Click OK and the cheat sheet will be opened in the Cheat Sheet view.

Note*: A registered cheat sheet is not accessible through the Help menu in the (host) Eclipse workbench being used to edit it.

Cheat Sheet Selection Dialog

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