Product Launching

The Launching page customizes the native launcher of your product and the launching arguments.

Execution Environment

The Execution Environment section allows you to specify an execution environment (EE) that the product runs on. The default JRE associated with the chosen EE can be bundles with the product if the option is turned on.

launcher jre

The JRE will be placed in the jre directory at the root of your product.

Program Launcher

The Program Launcher section customizes the name and icon of the native launcher of the product.

Launcher Exe

To customize the name of the launcher, just enter the name in the Launcher Name field. If left unspecifed, the name will default to eclipse.

Customizing the launcher icon varies per platform. The product editor indicates the platform requirements, and flags warnings at the top of the page if the supplied icons do not match the size or depth requirements.

Launching Arguments

The Launching Arguments section lets you specify the program and VM arguments that should be used for your product. These arguments are stored in a file named <launcher_name>.ini at the root of the product. PDE creates this file based on the values entered in this section. You can specify arguments for all Platforms, or choose a tab to specify arguments that apply only to a particular platform. You may use the combo box below the Platform tabs to specify arguments for a specific OS architecture. The Complete Arguments Preview text shows you what arguments will be used for the selected Platform and OS architecture, including arguments that apply to all platforms or architectures.

launcher arguments