Plug-in Manifest Editor

PDE provides a single form-based multi-page plug-in manifest editor that manages all plug-in files: MANIFEST.MF, plugin.xml, fragment.xml and The plug-in manifest editor is used as though a single file is being edited; while, PDE handles the task of writing the data to the different files on disk.

For details on the individual editor pages, refer to the following documents:

Manifest Editor Presentation

By default, the plug-in manifest editor shows information and tabs on extensions, extension points and Equinox-specific MANIFEST.MF headers and attributes. If you do not wish to use these Eclipse-specific features, you can filter out these pages from the editor on the Plug-in Development property page of your plug-in project via Open the main PDE preference page Properties > Plug-in Development from the context menu of plug-in projects.

Editor Presentation

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