Class AtlTabGroup

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    public class AtlTabGroup
    extends org.eclipse.debug.ui.AbstractLaunchConfigurationTabGroup
    This class create tabGroup in order to create configuration in Run or Debug mode.
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      Constructs a new Java applet tab group.
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      void createTabs​(org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationDialog dialog, java.lang.String mode)
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      • AtlTabGroup

        public AtlTabGroup()
        Constructs a new Java applet tab group.
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      • createTabs

        public void createTabs​(org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationDialog dialog,
                               java.lang.String mode)
        See Also:
        ILaunchConfigurationTabGroup.createTabs(org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationDialog, java.lang.String)