Class ATLModelTransformationTask

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ATLModelTransformationTask
    extends AbstractAtlTask
    Launches an ATL transformation, using the launcher specified as property in the ant project.
    • Field Detail

      • mode

        protected java.lang.String mode
      • isRefiningTraceMode

        protected boolean isRefiningTraceMode
      • asmPath

        protected asmPath
      • inModels

        protected java.util.List<InModel> inModels
      • outModels

        protected java.util.List<OutModel> outModels
      • inoutModels

        protected java.util.List<InModel> inoutModels
      • libraries

        protected java.util.List<Library> libraries
      • options

        protected java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> options
      • superimposeModules

        protected java.util.List<Superimpose> superimposeModules
    • Constructor Detail

      • ATLModelTransformationTask

        public ATLModelTransformationTask()
    • Method Detail

      • setMode

        public void setMode​(java.lang.String mode)
      • setRefining

        public void setRefining​(boolean isRefining)
      • setPath

        public void setPath​( path)
      • addConfiguredInModel

        public void addConfiguredInModel​(InModel model)
        Adds an input model to the task.
        model - the given model
      • addConfiguredOutModel

        public void addConfiguredOutModel​(OutModel model)
        Adds an output model to the task.
        model - the given model
      • addConfiguredInoutModel

        public void addConfiguredInoutModel​(InModel model)
        Adds an input/output model to the task.
        model - the given model
      • addConfiguredLibrary

        public void addConfiguredLibrary​(Library library)
        Adds a library to the task.
        library - the given library
      • addConfiguredSuperimpose

        public void addConfiguredSuperimpose​(Superimpose superimpose)
        Adds a superimposition module to the task.
        superimpose - the given superimposition module
      • addConfiguredOption

        public void addConfiguredOption​(Param option)
        Adds an option to the task.
        option - the given option