Class AtlTextTools

  • public class AtlTextTools
    extends java.lang.Object
    A text tools allows to fPreferenceeStore one instance of all tools used in the plug-in. Thus every classes should use the same tool.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      AtlTextTools​(org.eclipse.jface.preference.IPreferenceStore preferenceStore)
      Creates a new instance of the ATL text tools.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AtlTextTools

        public AtlTextTools​(org.eclipse.jface.preference.IPreferenceStore preferenceStore)
        Creates a new instance of the ATL text tools. The only information we need is the fPreferenceeStore where user preferences are.
        preferenceStore - the associated preference fPreferenceeStore
    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Disposes all the individual tools of this tools collection.
      • getCodeScanner

        public AtlCodeScanner getCodeScanner()
        Gets the highlight syntaxing coloration motor.
        the code scanner
      • getColorManager

        public AtlColorManager getColorManager()
        Gets the associated color manager.
        the color manager
      • getPreferenceStore

        public org.eclipse.jface.preference.IPreferenceStore getPreferenceStore()
        Gets the preference fPreferenceeStore used by the text tools.
        the preference fPreferenceeStore
      • setCodeScanner

        public void setCodeScanner​(AtlCodeScanner codeScanner)
        Sets the new code scanner to use.
        codeScanner - the new code scanner to be used
      • setNewPreferenceStore

        public void setNewPreferenceStore​(org.eclipse.jface.preference.IPreferenceStore newPreferenceStore)
        Sets the new preference fPreferenceeStore to use.
        newPreferenceStore - the new preference fPreferenceeStore to be used